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♥ Credits

This layout was made 100% in adobe photoshop cs2. It was sliced in cs2, and then coded in notepad. The css file was edited in notepad as well. The images i used were scanned in from a doujinshi that i own, these scans were then cleaned and colored by me. Currently, i am not offering the scans for download though this might change in the future if demand rises. There are very, very few doujinshi that feature Zexion. It's really strange, i think. His hair must be a bitch to draw, so maybe that's part of the problem. Who knows? I don't.

Anywho, i like this layout alright. I was so freaking sick of the last layout i was ready to gauge my eyes out, so this is much better. I hope you all like it. It's a bit fun since it's doujinshi, because Zexion is doing stuff he wouldn't normally do. :)

- Graphic Identity (brushes).

- Light texture = unknown.

- Everything else = me.

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