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♥ Death

After his plan to use Riku backfires, Zexion escapes to a different room in the castle, badly injured. Axel comes in with the Riku replica Vexen made. Naturally, the replica startled Zexion since they look exactly the same, and Zexion had just been attacked (and beaten) by the real Riku. Axel then tells the replica that he could become his own person, not just a replica if he attainted a power that the real Riku did not posses. Then, Axel holds his hand out at Zexion, pretty much offering him to the replica. He then said that Zexion would be a good place to start. The replica then moves to attack Zexion and right before he does, the screen turns black and you hear the sound of a sword slash.

In RE: COM, his ending is a bit different. We actually see Zexion getting the life drained out of him by the replica.


Although Zexion is gone into oblivion, he still lives on in some form. In Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix, you can battle Zexion in his own turf. So he now becomes an optional boss in his own dimension. Another interesting bit, in Kingdom Hearts II (original), when you visit the world that never was, Zexion has a tombstone, like all the members. However, at this point Zexion's weapon had been kept a secret. The tombstones feature images of the members weapons, so to keep the secret Zexion's tombstone is depicted as destroyed and crumbled. It wasn't until Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix that Zexion's weapon was revealed, but by the time of the original release his weapon had to have been decided on, so the tombstone destroying was for the sake of secrecy.

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