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♥ Ienzo

Journal Entry:
" A young boy who speaks little--but his serene gaze suggests he sees much. Even and the others at the castle are raising him since he has lost his parents."

Ienzo is Zexions somebody. He makes his first and only appearance in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. He has no speaking lines, and thus, no seiyuu or voice actor. Ienzo is quite young in Birth by Sleep. He was an orphan who was taken in by Ansem. He also resides in Ansem the wises castle where he is the youngest of Ansems apprentices. He makes his first appearance in the game when he is surrounded and attacked by the unversed. He is ultimately saved by Ventus. Even then shows up and takes Ienzo home. It is mentioned at this time that Even (the later Vexen) is in charge of Ienzos upbringing. Ienzo isn't seen again until much later where he is shown walking with Ansem the wise, eating sea salt icecream. This is the last time we see Ienzo.

Sometime after the events of Birth by Sleep, Ienzo and his fellow apprentices convinced Ansem the wise to create a research lab in the basement of the castle. Experiments of darkness ultimately took place in this basement, experiments on the human heart itself, and one by one the apprentices lost their hearts in the process. They also managed to create the heartless through their research. Ultimately Ienzo lost himself to the darkness, and became the nobody known as Zexion.

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