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♥ Lexicon

Zexion's weapon is called 'Lexicon'. It is a book. Though do not be fooled by its looks! The lexicon is a powerful weapon with a lot of attacks. Zexion holds his lexicon in his right hand during battle. The lexicon is able to trap one of your allies inside of it, when that happens you simply have to attack the book to release your comrade. It is also able to omit rays of green light that will injure you slightly. Copies of the lexicon will also move around and smack you. In combat, Zexion is also capable of hiding as a lexicon. With the help of his lexicon, Zexion manages to become one of the harder bosses to beat.

In re: reverse/rebirth Zexion still uses his lexicon, but he transforms it into a soul eater copy at times. Also in r/r his lexicon has more abilities. These will be covered on the 'how to beat him' page.

♥ Lexicon's Design

The lexicon looks like a normal book.. sorta. The outer cover is black or a really dark grey. The back has the nobody design imprinted on it. The front does aswell, but there are 3 of them positioned in a circle. The side of the book has 'VI' printed on it along with the nobody symbol once again, and some un readable text. The front also has un readable text. The corners of the book and the top and bottom of the side have a sort of gold trim. This is probably for decoration. When you look inside the Lexicon, it looks like a normal book. With print and pictures.

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