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♥ Nobodies

Nobodies are the remnants of individuals who lost their hearts to the heartless. So while heartless consist of a manifistation of a heart, nobodies consist of everything else, mainly body and soul. Only individuals with strong wills are able to continue on in a human form as a nobody, all others become what is called a 'generic' nobody. The nobodies who retain human forms are much stronger the generic ones.

Nobodies originated from the research conducted by Ansem the wises apprentices. During their research, they created the heartless to whom the later lost themselves to, creating nobodies. Nobodies, greater or generic seem incapable of feeling emotion, for the obvious reason of lacking a heart. However, the greater nobodies seem to try to 'fake' emotion, whether out of habit or a longing to regain a heart.

There are different classes of nobodies, each of which have their own attacks and appearance. Each of these types seems to be controlled of a greater nobody, such as an Organization XIII member. Nobodies are thought to be stronger than heartless, this may be because nobodies are seemingly capable of thought, and thus, smarter than heartless.

Sorcerer - Xemnas
Berserkers - Saix
Gamblers - Luxord
Snipers - Xigbar
Dragoons - Xaldin
Samurai - Roxas
Assassins - Axel
Dancers - Demyx
Creeper - Unknown
Dusk - Unknown
Twilight Thorn - Unknown

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