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♥ Organization XIII

Organization XIII is a group consisting of 13 greater nobodies. The goal of the group is to regain their lost hearts, ironically, many of the members lost their hearts by their own devices. The group plans to gather enough heartts to form Kingdom Hearts and make themselves complete once more. The members or Organization XIII are the main antagonists of Kingdom Hearts, after the first game. The Organization was originally intruduced in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. In Chain of Memories, you meet Axel, Marluxia, Larxene, and Vexen. When you complete Sora's story and move onto Riku (reverse/rebirth), you meet Zexion and Vexen. The remaining members: Xemnas, Roxas, Demyx, Saix, Luxord, Xigbar, and Xaldin are introduced in Kingdom Hearts II. Annoyingly, another member is added in the game 358/2 days, Xion. But i don't much care for her, so she will be excluded.

Organization XIII was originally formed by the apprentices that worked under Ansem the wise. The organization was formed when the apprentices eventually lost themselves to darkness and became the nobodies: Zexion, Vexen, Lexaeus, Xigbar, Xaldin, and later Xemnas. It is unknown at what time the other members joined.

Organization members can easily be recognized by their uniform, black hooded cloaks. All of the members wear these at all times. The exceptions to this are Roxas after he lost his memories, and Xemnas and his fancy boss coat.

The rankings withing Organization XIII are based on the time they joined, and are not a means of measuring power (although Xemnas is the strongest). Each member is also given a title that often reflects their abilites and roles. The rankings and titles are as follows.

I. Xemnas, The Superior of the in-between.
II. Xigbar, The Freeshooter.
III. Xaldin, The Whirlwind Lancer.
IV. Vexen, The Chilly Academic.
V. Lexaeus, The Silent Hero.
VI. Zexion, The Cloaked Schemer.
VII. Saix, The Luna Diviner.
VIII. Axel, The Flurry of Dancing Flames.
IX. Demyx, The Melodious Nocturne.
X. Luxord, The Gambler of Fate.
XI. Marluxia, The Graceful Assassin.
XII. Larxene, The Savage Nymph.
XIII Roxas, The Key of Destiny.

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