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Sexy hair!! *__*

Hair: Zexion has the greatest hair. Ever. It is a purple/blue/silver color mix. Though the color seems to change with every new image/game with Zexion in it. So its quite difficult to actually tell what the official color is. He has his hair cut in layers with it longer in the front. He always has his (extremely long) 'bangs' hanging over his face covering most of the right side of his face. The left side however, does not have as much hair hanging down. Though he does have some shorter bangs hanging down. The back of his hair is cut about 2 or 3 inches below his ears. (This is an estimate) It is cut in a way that it could almost be called 'spikey'.

Full sprite view Outfit: Full view Zexion wears a long black loak like all of the other org XIII members. It is a long black cloak that reaches the ankles. The design is pretty simple, the neck is cut in a 'v' shape. There is a silver zipper that runs down the entire cloak, and two small 'straps' hanging from the neck. It would seem that they are used to adjust the hood or neck tight..ness. Along with this cloak, he wears black boots and gloves like the other members. We dont know what exactly is worn under the cloak, but its most likely just black pants and a shirt... but maybe no shirt, since we see some chest in the image.

Other bits: Zexion's official eye color is a gray-blue color. Zexion looks almost exactly like his somebody, Ienzo. The main differences between the two are that Ienzo is much younger, still a child in fact. Ienzo's hair is also a few shades lighter, though still the same style (although a bit shorter). Ienzo also has more vibrant eyes, they are a much more striking blue than Zexions. So basically, Zexion is just a grown of version of young Ienzo. He grew up (kinda) quite nicely, huh?

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