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♥ Vexen

Zexion and Vexen really do not have much of a relationship. Zexion doesn't seem to really care about Vexen at all, he just seems to sorta tolerate his presence. Although, Zexion seems to enjoy annoying Vexen (Which he does quite well). Zexion and Vexen knew eachother before they were nobodies, back when they were Ienzo and Even. The relationship in their past lives was quite different! Ienzo at the time was quite young, and his parents had both passed away. Even was primarily in charge of raising young Ienzo, so they may have shared a type of family bond.

♥ Lexaeus

Zexion probably spent the most time with Lexaeus. Their relationship seemed to be a fairly good one, based on mutual respect. They seemed to talk a lot, although neither of them seemed annoyed the other. This was probably the best relationship Zexion had with anybody. In their previous lives as Ienzo and Aeleus, they both lived and work with Ansem the wise. They both ultimately became nobodies as a result of the research being conducted at that time.

♥ Axel

Alright, I don't think Zexion liked Axel at all. This was probably because Zexion, Lexaeus, & Vexen suspected he was a traitor. These feelings were more than likely reinforced when Axel killed Vexen, and Zexion knew it. Zexion and Axel spent a fairly small amount of time together, and they didn't seem to friendly. Although i don't think either of them had a personal grudge for each other, it was ultimately a clash of interests that led to their conflict. This conflict ended with Axel getting the Riku replica to murder a now injured Zexion.

♥ Riku

Zexion's relationship with Riku falls on pure manipulation. Zexion wanted to use Riku to his own ends, but Riku ultimately broke free of the manipulation and ruined Zexion's plan. Their interactions consisted of Zexion giving Riku a card, and ultimately a final confrontation in which Zexion managed to escape, only to be killed by the Riku replica.

My Thoughts

I think that Zexion generally dislikes being around other people/nobodys. If left to his own devices, he might be a hermit/recluse. This would explain why Zexion doesn't seem to give a damn about his comrades. On the other hand, nobody's dont have hearts, so they dont have emotions. So that is probably why he doesn't care. But Zexion, like most nobody's probably 'fakes' emotion to some extent. We most likely will never know how Zexion truly felt about others, unfortunately.

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