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Welcome to the uh... site portion of the site. The stuff here is kinda boring, but i find it all necessary. You can basically find technical information here, and credits. You could really just skip over this section if you'd like, it's not that important. Although, i would be eternally grateful if you would sign the guestbook! <3

I; History; The history of the site.

II; Why?; Why make a shrine for Zexion, you ask?

III; Link Here; Link to the shrine.

IV; Affiliates; Shrine affiliates. <3

V; Contact; Need to contact me?

VI; Awards/Gifts; Things the site has won, or been given.

VII; Webmistress; The mastermind behind this site. >3

VIII; Credits; Credit given where credit is due.

IX; Guestbook; Please siiiiiiiign!!

X; Shrine Updates; Older shrine updates.

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