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Not much information is availible about Zexion/Ienzo at the moment, but i'll write as much as i can. xP

Zexions story begins with Ienzo. **Warning, spoilers**

Ienzo was Ansem the wise' young lab assistant. He encouraged Ansem to expand his research on the heartless, and eventually convinced him to build a lab to conduct research. Unfortunately, Ienzo dabbed a little too deeply into the research and eventually lost his heart while researching, thus creating Zexion, his nobody.

Zexion first appears alone in a blue room. Lexaeus and Vexen soon arrive. Zexion had called them there to tell them that a new scent had appeared in the castle oblivion. He was not sure whom the scent was yet, but it smelled "exactly simlar" to the organization XIII's leader Xemnas aka "The Superior". This is our first example of Zexion using one of his abilities. He is able to detect people's scents, that give him an idea of who is nearby.

Zexion later meets with Vexen in another blue room to tell him that the scent was none other than Riku. Vexen explains that Riku came to the castle because him and Sora, whom is also in the castle are drawn to eachother. Zexion and Vexen plan to use Riku for their own devices, like the way Marluxia had planned to use Sora.

Lexaeus approaches Zexion in another room. Zexion tells Lexaeus that Vexen had left to create his Riku replica from Riku's data. They talk about how Namine is changing Sora's memory's as they speak.

Lexaeus appears infront of Zexion. He tells him that Vexen had been eliminated at this point. Zexion already knew this, which makes sense seeing as he can tell when scents are gone. He also knew that Axel had been the one to kill him. They decide that if Marluxia will hold onto Sora, the light then they will hold onto Riku, the dark.

Zexion now stands alone in an empty room. Lexaeus had been eliminated by Riku. Zexion of course, is already aware of this. Axel appears in the room. Axel informs Zexion that Larxene had been eliminated as well. They believe that Sora would destroy Marluxia, and then they wouldn't need Riku anymore. Zexion decides it would be best to dispose of him and avoid future problems.

Zexion appears in front of Riku just after Sora finished Marluxia off on another level. Zexion informs him that Sora is in the castle and asks him if he wanted to see him... and if he could face him. Zexion explains to Riku, that Ansem's shadow still resides in his heart, and that Sora is the one destined to destroy beings of dark, such as himself. He tells Riku to find it out for himself and gives him a card that would take him to destiny islands, his home.

The scene now changes to destiny islands. Zexion appears behind Riku. Zexion tells him that it had been his fault the islands had been destroyed, his fault that he lost his friends, and that many hearts had been lost to the darkness because of what he had done. Zexion tells him he was just a darkling after all, a being of darkness. Riku attacks Zexion, who flees now injured.

Zexion appears in a blue room, kneeling on the floor weakly. He wondered what Riku was exactly, no one had ever worn the darkness the way Riku had. Axel and the Riku replica appear in the room. Zexion stands up. Seeing Riku, Zexion yells "Waaah! Riku?!" but the replica says nothing. Zexion realize's that it is just the replica. Zexion figured that Axel was going to use the replica to defeat the real Riku. Axel tells the replica that if he gained power that the real Riku had, he wouldn't be just a copy anymore, he would be his own person. Axel holds out his hand as if offering Zexion to the replica. He says that Zexion would be a good place to start. Zexion is shocked. He asked Axel if he had lost his mind, but Axel said he would rather observe Riku and Sora, instead of saving Zexion. The replica moves closer to Zexion for attack. Zexion says "No, Stop!" and the screen fades right before you see the replica attack. You hear a sword slashing sound, and that's the end of Zexion.

For a long time, Zexion's death was quite ambiguous and the fans questioned whether or not Zexion really died. These questions were put to rest with the release of Re: Chain of Memories. The new rendered scene now includes Zexion dying.

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