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♥ Why Zexion?

Lets start from the beginning! My love for Zexion first started when i came upon his fanlisting (when it was run by Aya). I had played the first kingdom hearts and i had chain of memories. But i was having issues beating Sora's side of it so i pretty much gave up. But when i saw the fanlisting i though 'Wow, what a hella sexy character!' and almost immediately began playing the game again, now that i had seen what was ahead in the game i was anxious to get there! So after many loooong hours of leveling up i managed to beat Sora's side of the game. Once i started playing reverse/rebirth, i pretty much fell in love with Zexion's character. Yes, i usually do like the villains but something was different about him. He is a villain but its almost like he isnt. He and all of the other nobody's are just trying to get their hearts back, and i dont think they should be called 'villains' for that, they just want to be complete again, who wouldn't want that? But anyways, after i completed reverse/rebirth i was completely sure i was in love! His character was so enigmatic, i was just dawn to him! They never gave much information about him, so i was just ecstatic when kingdom hearts 2 came out. Not much info was given even then, but even just the small amount that was made me extremely happy! To be able to learn more about such an amazing character over time is just a awesome thing~ <3 Even now, we are learning more about his character... somehow this has nothing to do with why i love Zexion.. but oh well!

♥ Why a shrine?

I was very iffy about building the shrine. Since there was not much info out about him at the time. But there were no other shrines to him so i had to do it! And i'm really glad i did. Cloaked Schemer is and remains the first shrine to Zexion ever made! :) It's also the most popular, and one of the top google searches for Zexion!

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