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♥ Shrine

This is the shrine section of the site, please Do Not take any of my info! It took me a long time to write, and stealing is bad and lazy. If you absolutely need to take something, email me and tell me. My email can be found in the 'site' section. Please note that these pages are written by a fan of the series. Opinions are everywhere! If you don't like it, i don't really care. Obviously, be aware that there are spoilers in these pages.

♥ Zexion

I. Bio - Official information such as stats, journal descriptions and really basic information.

II. Name - A short look at his nobody name, and his true name.

III. Story - Basically everything that happens in Chain of Memories.

IV. Relationships- A quick look at his relationships with others.

V. Physical - The hottness that is Zexion. His physical appearance.

VI. Death - How it all ends for dear Zexion.

VII. Quotes - Interesting quotes and sayings.

VIII. Weapon - That book can kick your ass.

XI. Seiyuu - Zexion's voice actors.

XII. Ienzo - A look at Zexion's somebody.

XIII. Nobodies - The origins, ranks, types, ect.

XIV. Organization XIII - The organization, members, goals, ect.

♥ Coming soon

IX; Abilities/Attacks; Such a talented nobody.
X; Strategy; How to beat him.
XI; Personality; What goes on in his head?
XII; Introduction; To the kingdom hearts series.
XIII; Speech; the way he talks. XIV; Role; What does Zexy actually mean to the story?!
XV; Merchandise; Zexy related things you can buy.
XVI; Life style; How he lives.
XVII; Castle Oblivion; House o' nobodys.
XVIII; The World That Never Was; Nobody headquarters.

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